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Old or Ugly Website? Having Security and Malware Issues? It's time to upgrade your outdated website with latest web technologies and Best SEO Practices.
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Does your website need a face-lift?

  • Your website is old, ugly and outdated
  • Your website does not work on latest mobile devices.
  • Your website has near to none search engine ranking
  • Your website has no blog, news section
  • Your website has no opt-in forms, contact form or signup forms
  • Your website is static and you can’t edit & update content
Off Site SEO

The Best thing you can do in regards of a healthy website is making sure that its updated to latest web trends in technology and design perspective. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing loves to see that you care about your website enough to make regular updates.

In today’s every growing web tools and services it is very important to keep your website software or CMS up to date for security and stability of the website, outdated CMS are easy target of Malware and Spam Boots once effected will cripple your website’s, search engine rankings in fact all modern browser will block access to your website until you resolve the security issues, this can have massive damage to Brands or Companies reputation.

I offer Freelance Website Upgrade Services to Brands, Companies, Blogs and E-commerce Website.

What Services I offer in Website Upgrade?
I offer Many Website Upgrade Services some of them are listed bellow, if you are having issues with your old website and not sure how to fix those issues you can always submit your website for FREE website evaluation report via my Contact Page

  • Upgrade Static Website to Dynamic Website
  • Upgrade Website to WordPress
  • Apply Security Updates to Web
  • Update Current CMS and Plugins to Latest Version
  • Remove Malware and Spam Materials
  • Add Cross Browser Capability Support
  • Add Mobile Support to Old Websites
  • Optimize Website Speed
  • Optimize Current Content for SEO
  • Improve Search Engine Visibility
  • Add Blog, Newsletter and Other Forms
  • Create Better Site Architecture

Time to Upgrade Outdated Websites?
Lets get in touch so we can discuss your project requirements.